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White Disposable Coveralls - 5 Pack

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  • Multipurpose Disposable Protective Suit – These coverall suits for men and women provide better hazard protection in wet or dry work environments to protect your clothing and skin from contaminants or other impurities.

  • Full Body Coverage – Featuring elastic cuffs and ankles these disposable coverall suits are lightweight, flexible, and give you full range of motion so you can safely work with painting tools, science equipment, or other materials.

  • Comfortable and Breathable Wear – A micro-porous design our disposable coveralls can be worn safely indoors, outdoors, or in tough working conditions to help prevent overheating while also working seamlessly with masks, breathers, or respirators.

  • DIY, Industrial or Scientific Use – These general purpose full-body suits can be worn for spray painting, yard work, woodworking in high-dust environments, oily or wet work spaces, and other areas where you need to be safer and cleaner.

  • Quick Disposable Design – The zip up front makes it easier to put on our protective suit and then take it off all at once without getting any impurities on the outside of the suit on your skin, clothes, or other clean surfaces.

Clean Room Quality/Cool and Comfortable!